First time Vendor to SAREX 2014

We are looking forward to SAREX 2014! So what is SAREX 2014? A two day convention of Search & Rescue squads from all over Northern California. It is being held in the city of Napa, CA Sept 5, 6, and 7. SAREX basically stands for Search & Rescue Exercises. There will be training exercises in Tracking a lost person, field training using all terrain vehicles, and also field training being inserted into a remote rescue site via helicopter. There will be a number of helicopters running training exercises. That is just a few of the many training exercises that will be going on.

What does Tom’s Truck Shop have to do with SAREX? Over a year ago we were privileged to outfit the Tehama County Sheriffs Search & Rescue with very high quality Winter Bomber Jackets. Since then, two other County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue have purchased jackets from us. We are going to SAREX 2014 as a vendor. We hope to be able to demonstrate the features and benefits of several styles of Bomber Jackets we represent. We are particularly excited to show off our Transformer Jacket. This Warm Winter Bomber Jacket is first of all a High Visibility Class 3 ANSI Compliant garment. Beyond that, the jacket is so versatile that is may be worn as a full Winter Waterproof Bomber Jacket designed to protect from extreme cold wet weather. When the weather warms up, the inside fleece liner can be unzipped and removed. Now you have two garments, the outer garment becomes a Waterproof Windbreaker. The inside fleece liner is a high visibility garment and may be worn as a sweat shirt. The sleeves unzip from both garments and each may be worn as a warm weather vest. The amazing thing about this jacket is even though so many parts may be unzipped to create 8 different configurations, all zippers are completely covered and provide total Waterproof protection. Normally this is quite an expensive jacket and indeed we currently have it featured on our website at $119.00. The suggested retail price is upwards of $150. Because Search & Rescue members must purchase equipment with their own money, we are making these jackets available for as little as $73 each when we can order them as a group. We also can have them lettered on the backs or any desired logo, and with a group purchase, Tom’s Truck Shop covers the Artwork and setup fees. There is only a small stamping fee for each jacket to cover the silkscreening. On an order over 35 jackets, even the shipping is free.