Time for some Changes

We started tomstruckshop.com two years ago and while the business has grown, we felt it was time to make some changes.

My daughter, the graphic designer, has wanted to be able to customize our website, add pictures, change the banner and multiple other tweaks but since I had the website hosted through a large ecommerce company, all we were able to use was the standard template. Anything else was going to cost a fortune. So we have re-done our website using a local programmer who is a close friend of my daughters. Now my daughter can do just about anything she wants. Before, I was limited to only 25 product listings, now I can have an unlimited number of products, and complete flexibility as to how we want to display our products. So this was a good move.

Though I feel “Tom’sTruckShop.com” is a good name for a website, it isn’t very descriptive of what we are selling. So it was decided to add “TomsProtectiveWear.com”. We hope this new name will bring in people who are looking for gloves, bomber jackets, rainwear etc.

About a year and a half ago we were delighted to outfit the Tehama County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue with new Bomber Jackets. (Tehama County is near Redding California) They purchased the 8 in 1 Class 3 ANSI High Visibility Transformer Bomber Jacket. This is an amazingly versatile jacket. From a freezing weather heavy duty Bomber Jacket, this 100% Waterproof Jacket sports 8 different configurations. The warm fleece lining unzips from the inside and when removed, becomes a separate high visibility sweatshirt, and indeed may be purchased separately as a stand alone high visibility garment. The sleeves of the jacket and the sweatshirt also unzip and can be removed, making the jacket into a warm weather High Visibility vest. All of the zippers are completely covered and are 100% Waterproof. We had the Jackets lettered with “SEARCH AND RESCUE” on the backs and individually lettered with each person’s name on the front.

The Tehama County Search & Rescue squad have been very happy with their jackets, and since then we have supplied the Placer County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue with more than 70 jackets for their members and now we are in the middle of outfitting the Lake County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue with about 60 jackets for their members. We are very excited to be involved with such wonderful people. They will work day and night under extremely difficult conditions just to rescue a fallen hiker or a lost or injured skier. All without accepting one penny of compensation from those they serve.
In September of this year, we hope to be a vendor at the SAREX 2014 being held at Lake Berryessa in Napa County. This is a two day convention filled with training exercises and seminars and should attract around 400 Search & Rescue members from all over Northern California. We are looking forward to meeting many of these members and will be offering special prices on our High Visibility apparel and gloves.